XDynamics An Assembly of Drone Technology Specialist

Unleashing limitless creativity and elevating the imagination through premium advanced drone technology – this is the heart and soul of XDynamics. Established in 2015 and headquartered in Hong Kong, we have an unwavering commitment to help visual creatives elevate their craft with the finest quality filming equipment. An elite team, comprised of world class engineers and technicians across industries including aerospace, technology, robotics, cinematography and photography, has been assembled to bring this mission to life. With offices based out of the United States, Japan and China our industry leaders design, develop, manufacturer, and market high-end drone products for professional and aspiring aerial videographers and photographers like no other.

We’ve built our foundation upon Innovation and Design, Craftsmanship, Versatility, User-Centricity and Image Excellence.

World-Class Innovation and Design

XDynamics’ industry leading research and development team drives innovation fearlessly and relentlessly. Our talented internal R&D and engineering team envisions innovative concepts, delivers unique designs and produces patented solutions. Because we control 100% of the product development process, our designs are truly original and progressive from concept to creation. We aim to lead the industry with advanced technologies that empower creatives to bring what they see in their mind’s eye to the screen.

Premium Craftsmanship

Our internal team of highly skilled professionals takes pride and care to ensure that each piece of our advanced technology is flawlessly crafted with the highest precision and quality to withstand even the most demanding of environments. We own 95% of the manufacturing process. This allows us to control and confidently promise premium quality of every component. The finest details are carefully manufactured and inspected to ensure quality, strength and durability, so that our drones will survive even most extreme elements time and again.


To ensure we continue to innovate with purpose, XDynamics maintains a unique customer panel that provides a consistent feedback loop throughout our processes. Our diverse panel includes internal pilots, product testers, content creators and end users from a variety of disciplines and skill levels. Our close relationship with this community enables us to create relevant products that drive the industry forward. These professionals share honest feedback from real experiences in the field, as well as their future filmmaking dreams so that we can co-create solutions to drive the industry forward.


XDynamics’ drone platforms are designed to unleash the true potential of advanced technology and remove all limitations on creativity. To that end, we create versatile platforms that are fully customizable to meet the needs of our users even in the most demanding and extreme shooting conditions.  Understanding and valuing our users’ professional standards in a wide range of environments, our platforms are built with a unique choice of premium materials and the most advanced technology. They are fully customizable so professional filmmakers can optimize their gear while making the most out of every situation. 

Image Excellence

All XDynamics’ core values are poured into our product line, ensuring that our drone platforms offer the most advanced technologies with incomparable premium image quality. Featuring the industry leading Astra M4/3 camera with a professional, high-grade sensor and brushless gimbal system, we empower pilots with creative freedom to visually connect and captivate audiences of all types. Truly designed for the multi-level professional, this onboard system offers video recording at a maximum of 4K at 120fps at a larger pixel pitch of 4.63um, for high dynamic range and greater light sensitivity.

Our integrated system approach creates a seamless, all-in-one solution for powerful  and enjoyable filmmaking experiences. We offer features, like interchangeable gimbals, for modularity and the widest scope of use possible. Our products are also designed to give creators complete creative autonomy, and do not require external interfacing or hidden costs. Without sacrifice to innovation, we place high importance on ease of use. In this way, we allow pilots at all skill levels to harness their true creative potential without restriction.

We are XDynamics – a group of passionate image makers and experience creators. We work tirelessly to bring the most advanced technologies in the aerial imaging market within the grasp of all creators and pilots. We do so in a unique, compelling and incomparable way so our customers can truly take their vision and talents to new heights.

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